*crawls out of the dust* Hello! I’m still alive! But I think I killed the blog. Oops.

So seriously, I’m thinking of moving Amigurumi Island to maybe a tumblr or a blogspot blog. It would still be linked to this one, same name and everything, just a new start in a different place. I really like this blog but I feel as though I’ve had it for so long that posting at all seems more like a chore than it should do, and with the easter holidays coming up I should have time to make some stuff to post about. What do you think?

It’s official! All new updates will be posted here. It’s still a wordpress blog (so not too different!) and it’ll cover pretty much the same stuff as this blog has for the last two years, but new and more frequently. Hurray! (this is an emotional moment :’) )

More tiny clothes ^w^

And finally a tiny person to model them :) A lot of these are the same as I posted in the last post, but this time there’s a new hat and jumper- still no shoes though! I might have to try making some soon. She came with underwear so I didn’t have to make that. I did make her a new wig though- white faux fur with a pink stripe, which I didn’t think would suit her, but turns out it looks okay ^_^

I found some awesome wool with a sort of gradient from purple to blue to orange- sadly there wasn’t enough to make a human sized hat!

Her hands are so delicate 0_o Cute little fleecy arm warmers there- I really need to work out how to do a proper stretch stitch though, I have no idea which one to use.

I quite like how the outfit turned out actually ^w^ She really needs socks or something though, and a hoodie would be good…

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and holiday :3 -Julia

Half Term c:

(woah! what an original title! *gasp*)

I’ve actually made some stuff this half term, which is great because during school time it’s harder to fit in time to do stuff around school and homework. Soooo.

I technically didn’t make this in half term (as you’ll know if you follow my deviantart or the facebook page) but seeing as I hadn’t posted it here yet I thought I would. It’s another face, similar to the last one but just a bit smaller. It’s made from polymer clay, then baked, then sanded, then painted with several layers of acrylic paint, then blushed with chalk dust, then sealed with hairspray and then glossed, whew!

I also made these. I usually really, really hate hand sewing and avoid it whenever possible, but I hand sewed the top and the dress completely, and it turned out neater than the machine sewed ones ^_^ (only because my sewing machine is being horrible at the moment though). They’re MSD size and hopefully soon I’ll have someone to wear them c:

ta dah! Those things under the dress are arm warmers incase you were wondering.

I think this would probably make a good pyjama top or something ^_^

I bought these tiny buttons to go on the dress, although they still need loops to go through (not sure what to make them out of though- maybe embroidery thread?) and a matching orange ribbon sash :)

This thing actually took me most of two days to make.

And lastly I murdered my jacket with sharpies ^_^

Well, I was bored.

Hope you guys had a good week, too c:





Sheep, Cakes and Owls




hey guys ^_^ I finally got round to uploading the photos on my camera to my computer so this is gonna be a sort of condensed blog post of all the stuff that I actually have to post about.

So I went to the Organic Garden Day with my parents. It’s a sort of combination of craft stalls, textile stalls, gardeny stuff and livestock stuff. It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds. They were shearing sheep, so I ended up buying a sheeps fleece to needlefelt (it’s still lying on my floor waiting to be sorted). The sheep I chose to be shawn probably hated me afterwards.

now I just need to work out a way to clean it and dye it without it felting…

I’ve also started having guitar lessons with my friend Lily, as we weren’t really making much progress just playing random chords. So at the weekend she came round to practice, and we also made a massive apple cake (with two layers so it was all 3D haha)

and twelve tiny cupcakes (we didn’t decorate all of them):

And the last thing I’m gonna squish into today’s post is this owl face I made yesterday. Since then I’ve experimented with two more faces, although I’m not quite sure what to do with them all yet ^-^ The photo was taken in the dark so it’s pretty bad- maybe I’ll upload a better one sometime. It’s fimo, sanded and painted with layers of acrylic, then there was the vasnish and the hairspray and the chalkdust and woah, I didn’t realise the process was so long! Anyway here it is before I gave it a face-up, kind of lop-sided and cracked but it was fun to make

And pretty much finished ^.^ It still needs a body to go with it really. The eyes are pretty cool, they follow you due to how deep they’re set behind the face.

So yeah, that’s all I have to say really c: Thanks for reading!




Plushies and ACEOs

I’ve been mainly updating my Deviantart recently about stuff I’ve made, so if you do look at that this post may be a bit late XD But oh well. I went out and bought new fleece fabric so now I have cream, navy blue, red and black and I made these plushies:

This one first as a sort of prototype to test out the new pattern ^_^ Then I made another to join it

and hopefully I’ll make more plushies like that too, but probably with different eyes because I only had one pair of them. I finally made a pattern that I actually like though ^_^ Maybe I’ll have enough stock for a winter craft fair…

I made this plushie too, it turned out a bit odd I guess

And I bought a packet of blank ACEO cards and did a few of them, too. These are two of them:

(whoop I’m saving space on my blog by uploading the photos to deviantart instead haha) I think I listed one of these on etsy, although they’re probably not good enough to sell yet anyway. It was worth a try.

Thanks for reading c: -Julia

Hooks and Wool

So I’m back from Walberswick now c: I’ve also been sketching a lot. So much that it looks like I’m over half way in the sketchbook I use most, but actually that’s just cause the pages have puffed up with the paint. I’ve done 56 sides and have 86 to go. I have been doing stuff in my GCSE sketchbook too, but that’s all boring still-lifes really. Which are boring. And if for some reason I don’t post here, sorry for yet another website but I’ve started posting sketches daily on my deviant art. Actually, forget posting sketches for today, I need to save them for my DA at the moment. Sorry. But you can always go and look there ^_^


I don’t know if any of you get the Mollie Makes magazine but the most recent one comes with this crochet hook which is lovely and bamboo-y, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it just yet because it’s really small and the only wool I want to crochet with at the moment is this:


It’s really chunky but so so pretty, I want to make a hat out of it or something if there’s enough. Maybe a dolls hat or something.

Other than my sketches (which are on deviantart) that’s about it for today so yeah, thanks for reading :)

Holiday Sketching

So at the moment I’m stuck out in Walberswick for two weeks- it’s a nice place but when all my friends are back at home or away somewhere else it isn’t great. I’ve been sketching a lot though, because I decided I needed to try drawing a landscape or some sort of scenery as a change from my usual people and animals. Um, this was the result.

First attempt was done using some sort of think watercolour paint from a tube, pencil and a black promarker. Okay so it’s kinda terrible, but I guess if I don’t practice I won’t get any better, hm.

My second attempt was also based of a photo I took of some beach huts and I used dry watercolour pencils. At least one of the beach huts looks deformed and the bush doesn’t even look like a bush, I really need to work on it. At least I’m starting GCSE art soon, hopefully I’ll at least learn something.

Then I went out and did stuff with my camera :)

sorry about my tumblr url on that XD So yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing, other than more sketching and stuff.


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